Assignment One — Three Commercials that aren’t Literal by Creative Choice

Bleu de Chanel:

The video starts with a man chasing a woman, but then cuts to him at a press conference.  He is asked, “Would you like her to rephrase the question?”  He starts having flashbacks of him with two different women, a brunette who is assumed to be his wife and a blonde who is assumed to be his lover.  The brunette seems to be leaving him due to his infidelity.  The scene picks back up at the press conference and he sees the blonde woman from his flashback in the crowd.  He finally replies to the question that was asked at the beginning by saying, “I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be anymore.” He then stands up and the walls of the room they were in fall down and he walks off.  The Chanel logo appears, and the tag line, “The unexpected, Bleu de Chanel” is stated.

I’m not sure that their creative strategy was great.  They attempted to use drama and mystery to sell the product, but what I took from the story was that he cheated on his wife and he doesn’t feel remorse.  As all fragrance ads do, they used attractive people and a sexy tone.  Sex appeal is a strong influencing factor for selling various products, but especially for fragrance ads.  The purpose for wearing a fragrance is to feel attractive and sexy.  Even though the ad didn’t totally make sense, I still think it did its job.

Brand positioning statement: Scent of desire and mystery.

Weight Watchers:

In the video about you will see a series of clips of large portions, and unhealthy food.  There is a man in the background that seems to be talking about drugs, but with the food clips it is alluding to the fact that people are addicted to unhealthy food.  The end of the video flashes text that reads Weight Watchers: Help with the hard part.

The strategy was to compare overeating with drug use.  Weight Watchers wanted to show that it’s difficult to lose weight because junk food is addictive.  The brand looks very appealing, because it is painted as the only solution for an impossible problem.  It’s difficult to lose weight because food is addictive, but using Weight Watchers will help to overcome that difficulty by making weight loss easy.  The video also points to the long list of excuses people use to get out of weight loss.  It confronts that by alluding to a simple method of weight loss.

Brand positioning statement: Easy, healthy weight loss.

Tide Miracle Stain:

The video starts with a man and his friend watching sports, and he spills salsa on his jersey.  The stain is the face of Joe Montana.  The “miracle” stain becomes an attraction, and people start lining up to see it.  The man goes back into his house one day to see that the stained shirt was missing. He asks his wife where the shirt is and she replies, “Oh, I washed it.  It had a stain on it.  Go Ravens”.  The end clip flashes the Tide logo with the tag line, “No stain is sacred”.

The strategy was to use humor to sell the product.  Since it was a Super Bowl commercial it has a football theme, but the concept was entertaining beyond just Super Bowl night.  Tide took a very different angle than most stain removers do. Instead of painting the stain out to be an enemy to be destroyed, it was actually a positive focal point of the ad.  Even though it was something that the gentleman wanted to preserve, and it was a “miracle” his wife was able to remove it in one wash.  The tagline “No stain is sacred” was a perfect closing line.  Basically, Tide was saying, “Even a miracle stain can’t stand up to our product”.  I think it was a very unique and successful approach.

Brand Positioning Statement: Tough cleaner.


Author: hannahbakeryoung

I am an IMC grad student at West Virginia University.

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