La Croix First Draft Script

Digital Storytelling IMC 634

Script Template

  Video Audio
1. (Black and White) A wide shot of a party opens the scene. There isn’t any music playing. The guests seem bored. Most of the guests are sitting down, and are slumped over. Everyone is dressed the same, and have their hair done the same way. There are two guests (a man and a woman) standing and chatting quietly in a corner. Crunch of chips, a cough
2. A medium shot of just the two guests chatting allows the viewer to hear what they are talking about.   The man is looking stage right and the woman is looking stage left. The man is holding a glass of water. “…and then the doctor said…”
3. A close up shot of the woman looking stage left is dirtied by the man’s shoulder. He is looking stage right. “…the rash wasn’t caused by my cat…”–the woman


4. Now we see a close up of the man’s face as he reacts to her story. He looks stage right and the shot is dirtied by the woman’s shoulder and hair. He yawns and his eyes are drooping. He is clearly uninterested in her story. “…it was just dry skin.”
-the woman


The doorbell rings.

5. A medium shot of the man and the woman shows the woman turning around to go get the door. We assume now that she is the host. Heels of her shoes clicking on the floor.

Creaking floor boards

6. A medium shot from the back of the woman’s head and her reaching to open the door. Sound of door opening.


“Hell…” -host

7. A close up of the host’s face from outside of the house shows her reaction to her guest. She seems confused by the guest’s demeanor. “…OH…” – host
8. A close up of the guest dirtied by the hosts shoulder shows a beautiful, flirty woman in full color and a unique outfit (Think Dr. Seuss colors). She is smiling, and is carrying a covered basket. “Margret! So sorry I’m late!”
– new guest
9. A medium shot of the back of the guest. She leans in and hugs the host and kisses her on the cheek. “I brought some drinks to make it up to you!” – new guest
10. A close up shot of the host now shows her attitude shifting. She starts to smile slowly. “No problem at all! Come on in!” -host
11. (MS) We are now back in the house and the woman is shutting the door behind the guest. We can only see the two women and they are both looking stage left. Margaret is now in full color. The new guest waves to everyone with a big smile on her face. She puts her basket down next to the door. “Look who made it!” -host

“Hello everyone!” –new guest

12. (WS) The guests at the party have puzzled looks on their faces. They are all looking stage right at the new guest. Sounds of throat clearing and someone slurping a glass of water.
13. MS of the woman hugging a female friend. Muffled upbeat music
14. MS of the woman grabbing someone to dance. Same music getting louder
15. MS of the woman grabbing another guest to dance Music is getting louder still
16. WS shows the whole party is in color now. Their outfits and hair are now personalized. The clothes aren’t different, but they’ve each made themselves look unique. Everyone is laughing and having a great time. Upbeat Music playing at full volume, Laughter, Chatting
17. MS of the woman picking up her basket and taking it to the kitchen. Upbeat Music playing, Laughter, Chatting
18. Close up of the basket on the counter dirtied by the guests shoulder. She pulls out a case of La Croix. Muddled sounds from the party.

Thud as she sets the basket on the counter.

19. A close up of a glass with lime wedges, raspberries and a small amount of cran-ras juice at the bottom. The guest’s hand is shown pouring a can of cran-ras La Croix into the glass over the garnish and juice.


Live La Croix flashes on the screen

Then another line says “for more flavors and recipes go to”

A voiceover says, “It’s more than just water. Live La Croix.”

Author: hannahbakeryoung

I am an IMC grad student at West Virginia University.

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