Augmented reality isn’t going anywhere

Pokemon Go is nothing short of a phenomenon. Since the app launched, millions of people have been actively playing the game. You can’t go to a park or walk down the street without seeing people walking along with their phones in hand. Businesses that are located near Pokestops have already had the pleasure of seeing an increase in foot traffic. I have noticed businesses create Pokemon specific menu items to bring in players. There are so many ways to use Pokemon Go in marketing. You can find more ideas about that here.

Even though it does seem as though the Pokemon Go craze has settled a bit, there is a still a strong future ahead for augmented reality in general. Companies have the opportunity to create interactive worlds for their customers through augmented reality apps. With the help of AR, consumers are able to experience different products first hand. Ikea has already taken advantage of augmented reality and created an app that allows customers to see what different items will look like in their homes.


Sephora has also started utilizing augmented reality to allow customers to “try on” lipsticks without having to go into the store. That level of convenience allows customers to make quicker buying decisions. Additionally, it will help to drive online sales because people won’t have to go to the store to see if they like a product or not. I would be much more inclined to shop for lipstick through Sephora, because I can see what I like without ever going to the store. I prefer to online shop, so augmented reality will encourage me, and people like me, to shop more often.


These features allow consumers to fully immerse themselves to experience products first hand. The emotional connection that is established helps to create stronger brand loyalty. The more consumers can interact with a brand, the more likely they are to remember it the next time they need to make a purchase. The options for augmented reality are endless, and so many companies and marketing agencies can benefit from tapping into this resource.

What do you think about augmented reality? Will it stick around, or do you think something better will come along? What have been some AR apps that have impacted you?


Author: hannahbakeryoung

I am an IMC grad student at West Virginia University.

3 thoughts on “Augmented reality isn’t going anywhere”

  1. Hello,

    All of the software you mentioned seems to be valuable. I have the Pokemon Go app and play it about every day. They have been able to capture a little bit of money from me, but I know several people who spend hundreds of dollars on it.

    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in a discussion reply that it would be great to see an app dedicated to home improvement. The one you showed in your discussion seems like it would be great for spicing up a home with new furniture and linens. Some advanced software in stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s can use images from your home to change the colors of walls or to create a 3D template of a house or room to allow for possible remodeling suggestions.

    I think that AR will stay for a long period of time. Even though it will stick around, I am sure something new will be created in the future that will make AR and VR an ancient artifact.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. I think the home improvement apps are great! I don’t think they are super useful yet, but the technology is improving and I’m sure they will be a staple in all future home improvement projects. Augmented reality really does provide an amazing opportunity for hardware stores, furniture stores, and designers to engage with consumers in a very real way! If I want to see how a chair will look in my home all I’ll have to do is download an app and project into a space in my house. It’s amazing! I do agree with you though that the technology will eventually be phased out when something bigger and better comes along, but for now we can sit in awe of how digital our lives have become.


  2. Hi Hannah, awesome blog entry! It was absolutely insane when Pokemon Go was released, I remember laughing at the pictures that were posted from Central Park of a huge crowd of people playing. It looked like the zombie apocalypse. Whether they were fans of the game or not, marketers had to react as it was a huge opportunity to drive traffic to physical locations. Restaurants touted the rare Pokemon that people could find by visiting and some even had meet-ups.

    I agree that it has seemed to die down, but AR itself is here to stay. I LOVE what Sephora is doing for their products. Ikea, too. This changes the online shopping experience tremendously.


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