YouTuber use of other social media platforms is essential to their brand

YouTubers spend hours a week creating content for their channels. You would think all of that hard work on one platform would be enough. Well, it isn’t. YouTubers need to be just as active (if not more) on other social accounts to build a strong fan base. Viewers aren’t going to be satisfied with watching one or two videos a week. They also want to have updates in between. It makes me think of the Jim Carrey movie, The Truman Show, in which the whole world is obsessed with following Truman’s life. In regard to YouTube, viewers are constantly tuned in and interested in what the creators are doing.

With the help of social media we can watch videos of YouTubers a couple of times a week, we can look at photos of them on Instagram, read their opinions on Twitter, and be filled in on everything in between with Snapchat, blogs, and Facebook.Now that live streams are gaining popularity, viewers can even sit down with them and ask questions in real time while they answer the questions. Not only should YouTuber’s be taking advantage of other social accounts, but it is necessary for their channels to grow. The most important part is to be consistent and engaging. Followers want to feel connected, so YouTubers should respond to comments, post videos by a weekly schedule, and take their viewers’ ideas into account.

A great example of a brand that stays connected is Hot for Food, a vegan cooking/lifestyle YouTube channel. The channel is an extension of a website/blog that is packed with vegan recipes. Hot for Food exists to prove to omnivores that being vegan is easy and delicious and to share amazing recipes with the world. They successfully do that, in addition to successfully engaging and interacting with their followers.


The minds behind Hot for Food, Lauren Toyota and John Diemer, do a great job of creating an authentic and natural line of communication with their followers. They stick to a consistent schedule of posting a new video every Wednesday, and they are quick to respond to follower comments (on all social channels). Their follower count rises by the day, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to their ability to reach people in many different ways, and to keep their invested followers engaged throughout the week. Even though they only post one Hot for Food video a week it seems like they post a lot more. Lauren shares videos on her personal channel, and she stays active on Snapchat and Instagram stories throughout the week.

YouTubers that are looking to grow their channels should take note of how Hot for Food has taken advantage of every resource at their disposal. Using other social sites isn’t just helpful for spreading brand awareness, but to also make followers feel like they are a part of something.

What are some brands that have caught your attention for their successful activity on various social media websites?



Author: hannahbakeryoung

I am an IMC grad student at West Virginia University.

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