Hello! My name is Hannah Young.  I am a second year graduate student in the IMC program at West Virginia University. I live in Morgantown, WV with my husband, cat and dog. In my spare time you can find me cooking, working out, or playing with my animals.

My husband and I love traveling and are always looking forward to our next adventure. We recently stopped eating meat, so we’ve been having a lot of fun trying out new vegetarian and vegan recipes.  I love the beach, desserts, science fiction, stand-up comedy, music that suits my mood, and writing with my fountain pen.  I have other interests too, but you get the idea!

I am new to the world of marketing, but I love learning about how much thought, consideration, and analysis goes into designing a successful IMC campaign.  It is amazing to think that it takes extensive research and observation to figure out what will cause consumers to respond, but also to keep them coming back for more. I can’t wait to hear your opinions about emerging media!